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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we receive are answered below. You can still proceed to directly contact us if you have more doubts or if you want to schedule a discord call.

Have Any Questions?


The best way would be through Telegram and/or Discord. You can message us through Telegram by following this link:


You can also message us through Discord by sending us a friend request. The username would be: ICT_private_mentorship#1485

You can also send private messages to our Twitter (“X”) & Instagram accounts. You can find them in our contact page.

Yes, you can request a free sample of the content. Videos, forum discussions, study notes, and even a short 5-10 minutes visit to our discord server can be arranged as free samples.

It is also possible to schedule a discord call with one of our team members and do a short live screen sharing session. This way you can see all the files you wish.

All the contact details can be found in the contact page.

We offer several security measures. Besides providing free samples and live screen sharing through a discord call prior to any transaction, payment in installments is also accepted. You don’t need to pay for all the content you wish at once, you can do it little by little.

For example, you decide to pay in 3 installments, after each installment is paid you receive 1/3 of the content you are acquiring. This way your risk is reduced.

If you wish to implement another security measure or proof of authenticity before proceeding with a purchase, then contact us so we can proceed in a manner you feel safe.

Through Google Drive. You will need to indicate a Gmail address and the access will be assigned to the Gmail address you provided.

The free samples are also shared mainly through Google Drive.

All the videos include their own subtitle files. This means even deaf people can study the private content and learn this skill.

In total, we provide 95gb of content. Around 93gb are from videos and 2.5gb are from the forum discussions.

The private videos go from September 2016, the month when the private mentorship started, to July 2022, the month when the private mentorship permanently closed.

We also provide all the content from the ICT private telegram that began in December 2022. This is around 2gb of content and includes videos, chart screenshots, and audios.

Yes. The private content and the public YouTube videos are different. 

The YouTube content can serve as a sort of introduction to ICT concepts. The private content, on the other hand, is where the most advanced lessons with the deepest insights are found.

Feel free to request a free sample of the private content and confirm these differences by yourself. 

If you aren’t sure what videos/concepts/lessons to request as free sample prior to your purchase, you can use our Study Guide with organized commentaries shared on both twitter and instagram to help you decide:

Study Guide on Google Drive

Study Guide on X (twitter)

Study Guide on instagram

Regarding the forum discussions, you can use the following images shared on both twitter and instagram where you can see the titles of all of the discussions and decide based on that:

Forum discussions on Google Drive

Forum discussions on X (twitter)

Forum discussions on instagram

You can also take a look at the following screenshots of all the video & forum files included in the complete content.

Screenshots of all the content on Google Drive

You can find ways to contact us in our contact page. 

Yes. Besides the regular packages options indicated in “Our services” section, you can also request a custom bundle of both videos and forum discussions that only includes the content you need. 

• Paypal

• Credit and debit cards payments through a paylink using Stripe

• Google Pay

• Apple Pay

• Cryptocurrencies

You can contact us to arrange payment.

We only work with one-time payments, after which permanent access to the content is assigned.

The access to the content is permanent and there is no time limit of any kind.

Yes, the discounts are given based on the cumulative content you are purchasing, not on whether you pay in installments or not.

You can also contact us if you require other conditions to proceed with the purchase.

You can follow us on our social media channels. On our Contact page you can find our social media accounts. It is recommended to at least follow us on Twitter & on our Telegram informative channel.

All the inquiries received through the website’s contact form are answered. What could have happened is that our email answer might have missed your inbox folder.

Please check your other email folders, such as the SPAM folder, or contact us using other platforms such as Telegram, Discord, X (Twitter) or Instagram.

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