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You can get in contact with us in order to request your free sample, schedule a discord call, arrange a payment or simply to ask more questions.

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Available hours for chatting are usually from 07:00 EST to 00:00 EST. If you write outside those hours please have some patience and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

You can contact us through several social media plataforms indicated below.

Telegram informative channel: https://t.me/ICTprivatecontent

Telegram username to chat with us: https://t.me/ict_private_mentorship

Discord username so you can send a friend request: ICT_private_mentorship#1485

Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_ICT_mentor

Twitter backup: https://twitter.com/the_ICT_mentor2

Twitter backup #2: https://twitter.com/ICTprivatetutor

Instagram: @ict_private_mentorship


Keep in Touch with us:

Have Questions?

Feel free to send us an email using the form below. However, we recommend to also contact us using the social media platforms indicated on this page.

Using Telegram, Discord, Instagram, or Twitter (now called “X”) is better for communication purposes than using email because sometimes emails can be filtered out and arrive in your SPAM folder, which would make it more difficult for you to read it.

If you have sent a message using the contact form below and haven’t received an answer, it probably arrived in your email SPAM folder, so please check it out.

You have all of our social media profiles here on this page.

It is advisable to read our FAQs page before contacting us, maybe some of your doubts and questions are already answered on that page.

We will use this information as a secondary communication method in case we can't reach you by email.
Please indicate the username of the social media platform you chose in the field above. If we can't reach you by email, we will communicate with you through your preferred social media platform.
Preferably a Gmail address and remember to check your spam folder after a few hours because our answers might arrive in there. This is why we also recommend to contact us using other methods such as Telegram, Discord, as well as Twitter and Instagram private messages.
It is recommended to add our main gmail account (privatementorshipict) as a contact. This way our answers will most likely reach your inbox and not be filtered out. You can also write us to that address directly.
We highly recommend to also contact us directly through Telegram, Discord, X (Twitter), or Instagram. This way you avoid the inconvenience of having our email answer potentially being filtered out of your email inbox. If your preferred way of communication is this contact form, then make sure to check all your email folders after a couple of hours.
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