ICT Private Mentorship

ICT Private

We provide access to all the videos, all the forum discussions, and even a study guide to make it easier for you to study all the content from the ICT private mentorship.

All the private videos

Many advanced teachings such as algorithmic order flow, algorithmic theory, artemis setup, external range demarkers, and more were provided in the private videos.

All the videos include their own subtitle files as well.

All the forum discussions

Topics that go beyond what ICT is allowed to teach, such as CLS, 90 minute cycles, Enigma, and even discussions about the ICT logo are included.

All the discussions are accompanied by chart screenshots, and some of them also include videos.

A study guide to help you along

We provide a document that contains a list of all the videos with important lessons organized by categories and with their dates included. This will surely make your study time more efficient. 

You will have the same educational material the ICT charter students had access to during the years of the ICT private mentorship.

Everything is properly organized in both a chronological way and also by topics inside the Study Guide.

What do we offer?

The majority of succesful traders out there are charter students from the ICT Private Mentorship. Many people had the desire to enroll in the mentorship but it permanently closed in 2022. 

What we offer is all the content ever produced in the mentorship from 2016, the year it started, to 2022, the year it permanently closed. In total, it is around 95gb of private content.

After the private mentorship permanently closed, ICT created a private telegram to keep in touch with the private students. We also provide access to this content, including messages, audios, chart screenshots and videos. 

You can contact us to request any free samples you wish.

The original algorithmic trading mentorship

ICT and the charter students have proved time and time again this is the best way to approach trading.

Optimize your study time

• With our study guide you will know which video to watch in order to learn a specific concept. This is especially valuable when it comes to commentaries.

• With our discord server, you will have access to curated clips that contain the most insightful parts of the complete lengthy videos, with everything organized by categories.

The only way to access all the ICT private content

We are the only ones with access to ALL of the content from the ICT Private Mentorship and we are making it available to the public.

If you want to:

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